Task Request - Can not open, decline, accept or delete 
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 Task Request - Can not open, decline, accept or delete

I was recently sent two Task requests, via Internet, by a relative.  We have
done this many times, with no problems.  Something seems to have gone wrong
with the two messages in question, however.  I can not do anything with
them.  If I try to open, decline, accept or delete them, I get the message:
"Can't open this item.  Outlook can not do this action on this type of

I can drag them to a different folder and mark them as read but I can not
get rid of them.  Even though the error message indicates an attachment is
present, the paper clip icon does not appear as I would expect for an
attachment.  Can anyone suggest a way to get rid of these two 'stubborn'


Sun, 07 Sep 2003 01:44:03 GMT  
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