Questions about Dictionary and thesaurus 
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 Questions about Dictionary and thesaurus

I have a few questions about the way the Office apps use the dictionary and thesaurus.

1) Is there a real world equivalent for the dictionary file?  For example is it a version of Webster's? or some other accepted dictionary source?

2) Is it possible to purchase more complete versions of the dictionary and thesaurus files?  Or is there any kind of utility that would allow you to expand the dictionary or thesaurus files in some sort of an automated fashion rather than adding each one individually?

3) Where are these files stored?

4) What happens to these files when an upgrade is done?  What I mean by this is if I make a large amount of changes to my dictionary file and then upgrade to Office 99 do I have to rebuild those additions by hand?

5) Are user additions to the files stored in the base files or in a separate user file?

Any help on these questions would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you in advance...

Andy Atencio

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Sat, 23 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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