Errors in Office 2000 Professional with Windows 2000 due to Norton AV 
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 Errors in Office 2000 Professional with Windows 2000 due to Norton AV

After about 10 days, I finally have resolved this problem
with running Winword, Powerpoint, or Excel from Office
2000 Professional. I was getting an error after the second
opening of Word for Windows, saving and closing the
document, then on exiting Word, I get the error message
Program Error: The message is "WINWORD.exe has generated
errors and will be closed by Windows. Your will need to
restart the program. An error log is being created."
Similarly in Excel, but pointing to Excel.exe. In
Powerpoint, the error message is "Powerpoint found an
error that it can't correct. Your should save
presentations, quite and restart Powerpoint" + an OK?
button. [Also when powering off the PC a powerpoint error
message again appears.] Then the drive chatters away and I
click the cancel option in the window for the Winword
error. These issues only happened after installing Windows
2000 in place of Windows 98; my PC and Office 2k was fine
in Windows 98 with Norton AV. This only has occured with
Win 2K AND with Norton 2002, v. 8.02.6 installed.
Microsoft kept insisting it was a Office 2000 problem, not
Win 2k based. Tech support for Office 2k kept telling me
to uninstall Office 2k, then re-install- which did not
solve the problems. Finally after over a week, I circled
back to Windows 2k Tech support and got Jared- who was
fabulous! He talked me through this and asked questions no
one else had- during the discussion it occured to me that
perhaps Norton AV should be off when installing any major
software. Jared agreed and I tried this by disabling auto
protect on Norton AV and then uninstalling, powering off,
and installing Office 2k, but that did not work- same
problem. Then I said what if we uninstall Norton AV, then
uninstall and reinstall Office 2k without any Norton AV on
the PC(being sure to power off between each operation).
That worked! I got no errors when Norton AV was absent,
but as soon as I loaded Norton AV on top of Office 2k, the
errors returned. Then I decided to start searching the
Norton AV support at
files and saw the messages by
Author: john mingo
Date: 10:15 AM, Dec 16 PDT
Subject: conflict with Office
and by
Author: Roy Freeman
Date: 11:34 AM, Dec 30 PDT
Subject: Office 2000

Norton staff suggested to these two that their problems
arose from a complication with the Microsoft Office Plug-
in for Norton AntiVirus. To test if this is the case,
Norton AV recommend that one temporarily disable the plug-
in by performing the steps in the Symantec Knowledge Base
Title: 'How to enable and disable the Norton AntiVirus
plug-in for Microsoft Office'
Document ID: 1999091612160606

> Web URL:


Unfortunately, no one ever confirmed this works- it does!-
apparently still being able to get Norton AV protection.
12 January 2002

Thu, 01 Jul 2004 02:52:23 GMT  
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